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Mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous insects in the animal kingdom; they love to swarm around us, making it impossible to enjoy spending time outside. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading a variety of deadly diseases. Fortunately, Squash A Bug Pest Control is here to help keep mosquitoes away! We offer premium mosquito control services to several service areas throughout Southeast Florida. Using the In2Care® Mosquito Trap, we effectively attract and kill mosquitoes with novel and green ingredients that target larvae and adults.

Squash A Bug Pest Control trusts the In2Care® system to rid your home or yard of mosquitoes completely. Our services are always high-quality, professional, responsible, ethical, and safe; contact our Southeast Florida mosquito control experts today for a free quote and check out our special pricing options!

Our Mrs. Mosquito Control Program With In2Care®

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If you prefer a more natural, eco-friendly approach, our experts also provide year-round mosquito treatments using In2Care®; a non-toxic, botanical larvicide applied to treat standing water for mosquitoes. In2Care® uses a growth regulator that is safe for people and pets and is the ideal method for treating mosquitoes with no harm to the ones you love!

The In2Care® Mosquito Trap is made of durable recycled polypropylene components and consists of a lid, central tube, click-on interface, and reservoir. A floater moves along the central tube with the water level and serves as the mosquito's landing or resting site. Female mosquitoes are attracted to the trap by adding a tablet with attractive odors to the water. When a female enters the trap, it lands on the floater covered with a gauze strip that binds a mix of biological agents with specific modes of action. All biological agents are in use for pest control and are US-EPA approved.

The In2Care® Mosquito Trap system is an effective tool for total mosquito control around your property. Our Mrs. Mosquito Control Programs use this system for several reasons:

  • The efficacy of the In2Care® has been scientifically validated and published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.
  • The robust design of our traps works without much care and hassle.
  • In2Care® uses durable and sturdy hardware.
  • In2Care® is tested and approved safe for humans, pets, birds, and fish.
  • Fungus in the trap affects the mosquito's ability to bite humans.
  • The active ingredients kill mosquitoes. 

The patented In2Care® Mosquito Trap provides an attractive breeding site for egg-laying Aedes mosquitoes. When a mosquito enters the trap, it lands near the water on the floater gauze that binds two actives. The first is a growth regulator that kills the mosquito larvae in the trap and surrounding breeding sites. The second active ingredient is a biological fungus that weakens the mosquito, prevents virus development, and kills the mosquito before it can transmit diseases. Give us a call to learn more about In2Care® Mosquito Traps or our general mosquito control program.

Total Protection You Can Count On

As a local, family owned and operated pest control company, we know how harmful mosquitoes in Southern Florida can be. Our local pest experts are at your service with effective mosquito prevention measures designed to protect your property and keep mosquitoes out of your house all year long! Squash A Bug knows pest control is never "one size fits all." We offer several effective home pest control and commercial pest control services in Southeast Florida, and we're here to help.

"Be passionate. Live with character. Strive for excellence. Unlock your full potential. Be grateful. Give back." These are the core values we practice daily at Squash A Bug Pest Control. Serving Southeast Florida and the Atlanta Metro, we are your best choice for eco-friendly pest control. So whether you're wondering how to keep dangerous mosquitoes away or need to know why it is so hard to get rid of termites, Squash A Bug is ready to help! Call today to request your free quote.

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"My overall experience with your company was very good. They were on time and professional. They did good work and answered all questions we had. From the first point of contact with your company, we have had a good experience. Great customer service. We will use them in the future and highly recommend them!"

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