The Key To Effective Rodent Control In Atlanta

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Discovering evidence of rodents in your home can cause much anxiety and stress. Perhaps you have heard the scratching and squeaking sounds of rodents in the walls or noticed damaged food packages. 

All types of rodents can make us sick and cause damage to our homes. Rodents are one of the most common reasons people search for pest control in Atlanta because they are so difficult to eradicate on your own.

Mice and rats are the most common rodents that invade area homes. We’ll review some characteristics of these troublesome pests and the problems they cause. We’ll also review the most effective rodent control measures available to help you keep your home and family safe.

Characteristics Of Common Rodents

The following are some of the characteristics shared by the common rodents that invade our homes:

  • All rodents share the characteristic of having incisors that never stop growing. Because their teeth continually grow, they must constantly gnaw on things to keep them in check.
  • Rodents are prolific breeders and will quickly multiply into a severe infestation.
  • Most rodents in our area are vectors of diseases that can infect people.
  • All types of rodents can cause cosmetic and structural damage to our homes.
  • The rodents that commonly enter our homes are commensal, which means they are very comfortable living with people and have learned to associate us with food, water, and shelter.

If you suspect mice or rats in your home, immediately contacting a rodent pest control company can save you a lot of trouble.

All The Problems Rodents Around Your Property Can Cause

Most rodents are carriers of diseases that can harm our families and are capable of destroying our property in a variety of ways. Both mice and rats spread diseases such as leptospirosis and tularemia, and they contaminate surfaces with bacteria like salmonella. Mice, in particular, can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms from their feces and urine.

All types of rodents can cause cosmetic and structural damage. They gnaw on furniture and walls; some can even gnaw through lead and plastic pipes. Rodents in walls will chew on electrical wires and create a fire hazard. All of this makes it imperative to contact a rodent pest control company at the first indication of a problem.

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control

Here are a few of the reasons DIY rodent control is a hassle:

  • Trapping is often unsuccessful because rodents can smell us on the traps and will avoid them. 
  • All rodents are highly adaptable; they will remember the taste of baits and poison and bypass them.
  • Baits and traps may catch a rodent or two but are rarely enough to eradicate an entire family of rats or mice. 
  • Over-the-counter electromagnetic and ultrasonic devices claim to get rid of rodents; however, rats and mice quickly learn to ignore them.
  • DIY methods tend to be expensive and time-consuming, and some may pose a threat to children and pets.

The safest and most effective rodent control comes from working with a professional pest control company.

Professional Rodent Control Is The Best Solution

Working with a professional rodent control company like Squash A Bug Pest Control is your best solution if you want to get rid of rodents for good. Our service techs are highly skilled at eliminating rodent problems. 

We will work with you to determine how they are getting in and what attracts them so you can prevent future infestations. Contact us today to learn more about our effective home rodent control methods and to request your free quote.

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