Southeast Florida's Complete Guide To Effective Tick Prevention

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Ticks are a major problem in Florida. These tiny bugs are actually part of the arachnid family. And just like some of their distant relatives, certain ticks are hazardous to your health when they bite. However, ticks are not venomous. Instead, they are known to carry a wide range of dangerous diseases. 

It's not easy to stay away from all of the dangerous ticks in this part of the country. But at Squash A Bug Pest Control, we know how to keep you safe from potentially dangerous ticks. Our Florida pest control technicians know the best tips and tricks to prevent ticks from invading your property. 

All The Places Ticks Like To Hide Out

Ticks are incredibly small, and because of their small size, they are able to easily hide in plain sight. They prefer to hang out on lawns with tall grass or plenty of trees and overgrown areas. Not only do they benefit from the shade these areas provide, but they are also able to use the trees and grass as hiding spots. 

When you or your pet walks through the grass, a tick may attach itself to the fur of your pet or to your shoes or other items of clothing. Once they find a good spot to feed, they will embed themselves in the skin, hitch a ride, and go everywhere you go. If you recently walked through an area with a lot of tick activity, you may find the ticks climbing around in your clothes basket or climbing up your wall after you get home. 

Tick Bites Can Be Very Dangerous 

When a tick bites you, they are not simply biting down on your skin like some other bugs do. Instead, they will actually embed their heads into your skin. When they do this, a small amount of their saliva is injected into your skin. 

Ticks can carry a wide range of diseases. Since their bites are so invasive, if you are bitten by an infected tick, you can easily catch the virus or disease from these pests. Some of the illnesses people commonly catch from tick bites include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia. Some species of ticks are also able to spread diseases to your dog as well. Canine ehrlichiosis and canine Babesia are just a few of the dangerous illnesses that your dog can catch from a tick bite. 

Five No-Sweat Tips To Prevent Tick Bites While Outdoors

Because ticks are so small, a person will rarely feel a tick crawling on or biting them. In order to protect yourself from tick bites, you will have to take proactive steps to prevent the tick from climbing on you in the first place. Five ways to protect yourself against tick bites include:

  1. Use a tick prevention treatment on your pets.
  2. Keep the grass in your yard cut short.
  3. Build a fence around your property to keep stray animals and wildlife from coming into your yard.
  4. Be vigilant and check yourself for ticks if you hang around shaded areas outside.
  5. Wear a bug and tick repellant when outdoors.

It is also a good idea to keep your dog or pet on a leash when you are outside. This will prevent them from wandering out of your yard and going to a spot with tall grass.

The Key To Effective Tick Control For Southeast Florida Properties

Southeast Florida has the perfect climate for these dangerous creatures. At Squash A Bug Pest Control, we have the perfect solution to keep ticks out of your yard and away from you and your family. Call us today to see how we can help keep you and your pets safe!

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