Rodent Control 101: Essential Tips For Keeping Your Atlanta Home Safe

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Atlanta, Georgia, is a large, vibrant city that keeps visitors and homeowners active 365 days a year. Whether homeowners rent out homes for visitors or reside in houses within or close to the heart of the city, two local groups of pests constantly looking for great accommodations are mice and rats. Unless homeowners use Atlanta rodent control services, these highly intrusive pests might eventually start outnumbering the people living inside local homes.

Rodent Behavior Insights: Navigating The Habits of Mice And Rats

Whatever part of Atlanta you call home, rats and mice are bound to nest nearby. As human populations expand into rodent habitats, mice and rats have discovered that homes can provide for all their needs.

As mice and rats seek food, water, and shelter, they often exploit weak spots to enter local homes. These rodents are pretty agile, and some are great climbers; this means they can enter homes from above and below. Once mice or rats get indoors, they will seek out low-traffic areas and look to establish nests. Some of their favorite nesting locations are in attics, basements, wall voids, and among stored items. Rodents typically operate at night, and while they prefer cereals, grains, and high-protein foods, they will eat just about anything.

Understanding mouse and rat behavior can help homeowners understand their activities and habits, but getting them out of their homes necessitates professional help. Squash A Bug Pest Control can help homeowners identify what rodent is plaguing their home and provide effective treatments to eliminate them.

Health Risks Of Rodent Invasions: Protecting Your Family And Pets

A rodent infestation brings nothing but trouble. The list of problems that rodents usher into homes is wide-ranging. Health risks associated with rodent invasions include the following:

  • Rodents spread more than 35 different diseases.

  • Rodent feces, saliva, and urine can cause respiratory issues.

  • Rodents introduce other pests (mites, ticks, fleas) into homes.

  • Rodents can bite.

When homeowners deal with a pest that directly and indirectly harms both people and pets, they need to enlist the help of a rodent control specialist like Squash A Bug Pest Control. Our technicians are educated and experienced rodent removal specialists.

Rodent Exclusion Tips: Safeguard Your Property From Infestations

Homeowners who go on the offensive against rodents can do much to prevent infestations. They can shore up their homes' defenses with some easy exclusion tips and help protect themselves against rodent visits. Tips that help with prevention include the following:

  • Eliminate moisture sources by fixing leaks and ensuring drains remain unclogged.

  • Use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture in basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

  • Keep screens in good repair and install door sweeps on exterior doors.

  • Screen vents and chimneys.

  • Fix loose mortar on foundations; install weatherstripping around basement windows.

  • Seal all cracks, gaps, and holes (especially where utility lines come in) with silicone-based caulking or steel wool.

  • Trim bushes overhanging tree limbs and stack firewood at least 20 feet away from homes.

  • Practice good sanitation indoors by keeping food areas clean and storing foods in airtight containers or refrigerators.

The more proactive homeowners get in their rodent prevention measures, the better, but even the best prevention tactics sometimes break down. Wise homeowners will partner with a trusted pest removal company like Squash A Bug Pest Control; we're a great backup when prevention measures fail.

Professional Rodent Control: Why Expertise Matters

Rodents in Atlanta homes can cause serious health issues for people and pets, so safe and expert removal services are vital. Family and veteran-owned Squash A Bug Pest Control is a trusted pest control company near you that uses experienced and knowledgeable service techs to eliminate pest and rodent issues. Because we're environmentally conscious, we also offer eco-friendly products that protect the environment but not invading pests.

Don't let rodents of any type take over your home; call Squash A Bug Pest Control today for a free quote on our rodent extermination services.

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