Mosquitoes: A Useful Guide To Prevention And Control For Atlanta Property Owners

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Mosquitoes give new meaning to the phrase "small but mighty." Did you know that mosquitoes are deemed the deadliest animal in the world? It's because they're carriers of several harmful diseases. Finding mosquitoes on your Atlanta property doesn't mean you should go into panic mode; it also doesn't mean doing nothing about it.

Partnering with the best pest control in Atlanta will be vital in maintaining a mosquito-free property. Call Squash A Bug Pest Control to get your services started.

About The Mosquito Life Cycle

The length of the mosquito life cycle differs between species and is influenced by factors like humidity and temperature. However, all mosquitoes have four life stages: egg, larval, pupal, and adult.

Every mosquito egg needs water for development. Most female mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in still or slowly moving water. During the summer, a mosquito's life cycle can be completed in seven to ten days. Within 48 hours, the eggs will hatch, and larvae and pupae will remain in the water for approximately one week. 

Next is the eclosion process, when adult mosquitoes in Atlanta emerge from their pupal cases. After emerging from the pupal case, adult mosquitoes stay on the water's surface until their bodies have dried out and become more rigid before taking flight. The stages of the mosquito life cycle are visible to the human eye in the water.

This process may be incredible to see in person if you enjoy nature. However, it is also the start of a potentially problematic mosquito problem for your Atlanta property. If you have damp areas or other possible mosquito breeding grounds, contact Squash A Bug Pest Control for removal services.

Why Mosquitoes Are Considered So Dangerous

Mosquito bites are far more than a nuisance that marks their presence with itchy red bumps. Numerous mosquito species in the United States are known to carry harmful diseases that can make you, your family, and even your pets seriously ill. Mosquitoes spread viruses and parasites through their bites as they travel from one host to another. You also risk developing a serious secondary infection with each mosquito bite you receive if you scratch and pick at them.

Call Squash A Bug Pest Control for assistance in getting rid of mosquitoes and preventing infestations.

Mosquito Prevention Tips Everyone Ought To Know

Mosquitoes are pests that can not only annoy you with their constant buzzing in your ears, but they can pose some serious health threats as well. Of course, there are ways to prevent your likelihood of getting bitten by mosquitoes, such as wearing long sleeves, long pants, repellants, and making sure there are no tears or rips in window screens and doors. However, the key to preventing mosquitoes is ultimately eliminating their biggest attractor: water or moisture.

Keeping gutters clean, emptying birdbaths, and eliminating standing water will keep mosquitoes away from your Atlanta property. If you currently have a mosquito problem, you'll first need to get rid of mosquitoes. To learn more about your mosquito control options, contact Squash A Bug Pest Control today.

The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Atlanta Properties

Even if you follow every prevention list you can find, it's usually not enough to stop all mosquitoes from entering your property. Without professional help, mosquitoes can be very difficult to manage, especially since they only require a breeding area as small as a quarter. Professional treatment is the best way to control mosquitoes around your Atlanta property. Contact Squash A Bug Pest Control to get your free quote.

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