How To Protect Yourself From The Dangerous Ticks In Southeast Florida

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Whether you’re going on a camping trip in the deep woods or pitching a tent right in your backyard, protecting yourself from ticks should be a priority when spending time outdoors. Due to the numerous diseases, ticks can spread, the health and safety of your family and pets depend on taking proactive measures. At Squash A Bug Pest Control, we’re primed and ready to deliver the most effective pest control in Southeast Florida to rid your property of these pests successfully. Our experienced technicians are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources for proper tick removal.

Characteristics Of Common Ticks

Often referred to as insects, ticks are actually parasites that feed on the blood of mammals and amphibians. Ticks' bodies have an oval shape and consist of an abdomen and cephalothorax, and they have eight legs but no antenna. There are two primary families of ticks: hard ticks and soft ticks. As their name suggests, hard ticks share a distinguishing feature of a black plate or hard outer shield, known as a scutum. Conversely, soft ticks have rounded bodies and no scutum.

The Dangerous Diseases Ticks Are Known To Spread

Most people have heard about ticks burrowing their heads beneath your skin with their bodies sticking out. If that image isn't dreadful enough, then the laundry list of diseases ticks can spread is even more frightful. This list of infections should offer enough incentive to protect yourself while frolicking outdoors:

  • Tularemia
  • Babesiosis 
  • Lyme disease
  • Ehrlichiosis 
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Anaplasmosis

If you believe there are ticks on your property or have noticed these parasites embedded in your pet’s fur, get in touch with professional pest control that handles ticks in Southeast Florida.

Five Handy Tick Prevention Tips For While Out And About

The sun is out, and the weather is warm. Do you know what that means? Outdoor activities are back in full swing. Unfortunately, that also means you won’t be alone on those camping excursions and hiking trails. Rest assured, ticks will be lurking somewhere close by, ready to crawl onto you at the perfect time. That's why it's essential to protect yourself from these parasites when you're outside. Check out these five easy-to-implement tips to help avoid tick bites:

  1. Have your pet wear a tick collar and keep them leashed while out. 
  2. Wear light-colored clothing to make detecting ticks and other insects easy. 
  3. Avoid vegetation by hiking in the center of trails.
  4. Use an insect repellent that consists of at least 20% DEET and reapply per the directions.
  5. Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and closed-toe shoes, especially in wooded areas and tall grass.

Make sure to thoroughly inspect your hair and clothing once you return home from the outdoors. That means removing your clothing and turning them inside out, shaking the clothes vigorously. Use a fine-tooth comb to rake through your hair thoroughly. Also, don't forget to inspect your shoes by shaking them upside down.

The Best Way To Keep Ticks Away From Your Home And Yard

For the ultimate tick control for your home, bypass the do-it-yourself (DIY) methods and trendy home remedies you see popping up all over social media. Seeking the services of professional pest control is always best. Experienced exterminators possess the knowledge and tools to eliminate all types of ticks in Florida.

At Squash A Bug Pest Control, we make the health and safety of our customers' priority number one. As a family-owned business, we understand how important it is to reside in a pest-free environment. We go above and beyond, providing tailor-made treatments unique to your situation, and can successfully eliminate different kinds of ticks in Southeast Florida. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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