How Homeowners Can Prevent Ticks In Southeast Florida

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Ticks are a common problem in Southeast Florida, and because of our climate, they are active year-round. If you have lived here for a while, you have likely had to pull one of these parasites off a pet or family member at some point. But if you frequently find these pests on your loved ones, you may have an infestation in your yard, and it is time to take action.

This article will provide more information about these dangerous pests, including what factors attract them to your lawn and the risks they pose to your family and pets. We’ll also offer some tips for preventing ticks in your yard. Read on to learn more about preventative tick control in Southeast Florida with Squash A Bug Pest Control.

Factors That Can Attract Ticks To Lawns In Southeast Florida

Ticks are attracted to warm, moist environments, making our area an ideal spot for these pests to thrive. However, certain conditions on your property can increase the chances of a tick infestation in your Southeast Florida yard, such as:

  • Long grass and leaf debris stay damp longer than a short, tidy lawn, providing ticks a safe hiding place.

  • Seeds spilling from bird feeders can attract rodents and deer that often carry ticks.

  • Accessible trash can attract wild animals and rodents carrying ticks.

  • Stacks of firewood are harborage sites for pests like rats and mice that often have ticks.  

Working with a local company that offers tick treatments for your yard is one of the best ways to keep these risky pests away. Contact us today at Squash A Bug to learn more about our tick control services or to request a free quote.

Dangers Ticks Pose To People And Pets

Southeast Florida ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of animals and people. While they feed, they can sometimes pick up pathogens, which can pass on to their next host through saliva. Tick bites in our area can spread several diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, Lyme disease, and anaplasmosis, to people and our pets.

One of the best ways to protect your family and pets from these risks is to team up with a professional company that offers tick control services. Reach out to us today at Squash A Bug Pest Control to request a free quote or to learn more about how our treatments can help keep ticks out of your yard.

Everything You Can Do To Prevent Ticks In Southeast Florida

Although they thrive in our area, there is still a lot you can do to help keep these parasites out of your yard. Here are some effective tick prevention you can start using today:

  • Keep your yard neat and the grass short, especially in hard-to-reach areas around fences and children’s play sets.

  • Construct fencing around the yard to keep wild animals out.

  • Stack woodpiles neatly and keep them dry to discourage rodents.

  • Store garbage in receptacles with tight lids.

Combining your efforts with a professional pest control company in Southeast Florida is the most effective way to keep ticks at bay. Contact us at Squash A Bug to learn more about our preventative pest control services. 

What To Do If You’ve Been Bitten By A Tick

Ticks must feed for several hours to transmit illness, so prompt tick removal is essential. Use fine-tipped tweezers and steadily, with even pressure, pull upward to ensure the tick’s mouthparts don’t stay in the skin. If these pests continue to be a problem on your property, contact us at Squash A Bug for assistance with tick extermination.

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