How Do I Get Rid Of The Ants In My Atlanta Home?

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Ants might be the most frustrating insects in Atlanta. If you have ever found these pests actively crawling across a plate of food you planned on eating, you know what we are talking about. The good news is that you do not have to live with these abrasive bugs.

Take some time today to learn more about the ants in Atlanta and discover some simple methods to control these pests inside your home. Contact our Squash A Bug Pest Control team if you need immediate help with pest problems indoors. We are experts at ant pest control in Atlanta and would be happy to offer our service to remove these insects from your home.

What Types Of Ants Invade Homes In Atlanta?

Atlanta is home to many different types of ants. Some of the most common species that invade homes are Argentine ants, pharaoh ants, thief ants, and odorous house ants. Fire ants are also common in our area but are more yard pests than home invaders. The species that do invade do so to seek food and moisture sites. They start by sending scouts inside. These scouts crawl over countertops, floors, and other surfaces, looking for things to feed their colony. They will leave a pheromone trail back to their nest if they find anything suitable. This trail leads other worker ants indoors and is what starts those trails that everyone hates. 

How Dangerous Is It To Have Ants In My Home?

We will be honest; ants are not the most dangerous insects in Atlanta. They aren’t even close. Most species that invade homes pose no serious risk to health and are mainly just annoying; keeping this in mind, a few local species can get you sick. The Argentine ant has a habit of carrying bacteria throughout homes. They are sometimes responsible for spreading diseases like salmonellosis and staphylococcus. Fire ants, on the other hand, pose a different threat. These small insects build large nests around properties and defend them with painful bites and stings. A fire ants venom causes irritation and a warm pain. If you are allergic to the venom, stings from this pest might cause an allergic reaction. Talk to your doctor to understand your risk and our professionals to find fast ant control for your home and property. 

How Did Ants Get Into My House?

Ants enjoy invading homes. The question is, how do these pests get indoors? Most often, they access interior spaces by crawling through gaps, cracks, and other openings. They find these entry points around unsecured windows and doors, damaged foundational blocks, and under loose siding or bricks. To prevent these pests, here are a few basic ant prevention tips:

  • Seal gaps and cracks in your home’s foundation.
  • Address damaged windows and doors.
  • Replace ripped screens.
  • Address damaged weather stripping and door sweeps. 
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors shut when they are not in use.

For more help with these pests, consider investing in a year-round ant pest control plan, courtesy of Squash A Bug Pest Control. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My House?

Give our team a shout if you are looking for easy and affordable options for ant pest control near you. We work hard to guarantee that our methods work right the first time. Let us apply treatments around your home’s exterior to deal with existing and future ant problems. 

Call today to learn more about effective ant control in Atlanta and schedule your home for a detailed service visit. 

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