Flea Control 101: Tips And Techniques For Eliminating Fleas In Your Southeast Florida Home

flea on dog fur under a microscope

When fleas find a way into your home, everyone, including your pets and family, can suffer from the itchy bites. But fleas carry more significant risks than their annoying bites, and they can be challenging pests to eliminate. If you have been struggling to get fleas out of your house, this article is for you.

We’ll start by describing what fleas look like and explaining the health problems they can cause for your family and pets. We’ll also provide tips and tricks to help you prevent these pests in your home in addition to the usual pet protection techniques. Continue reading to learn more about effective flea control in Southeast Florida with the pros from Squash A Bug Pest Control.

Flea Identification: What Do They Look Like?

Cat fleas are the most common species in our area, and despite their namesake, these pests will feed on various hosts, including cats and dogs, wild animals, and people. You’ll likely find fleas in the carpet, bedding, furniture, or your pet’s fur. Despite their small size, it is possible to see them without magnification.

Fleas are between 1/12 and 1/6 of an inch long and dark red or brown. These insects have a flat shape and six powerful legs that allow them to jump long distances. Contact us today at Squash A Bug if you need assistance identifying or eliminating fleas on your property.

Health Risks Of Fleas: Protecting Your Pets And Family

Flea infestations can cause various health problems for your pets and family. When they bite to take a blood meal, their saliva often causes a histamine reaction that causes painful, itchy bites. The following list includes additional health risks fleas pose:

  • Pets can have severe reactions, known as flea allergy dermatitis, causing inflamed skin, excessive itching, and fur loss.

  • Flea debris can also cause allergic reactions in people, causing bites to become painful, red, and swollen.

  • Fleas can spread diseases to people and animals, including murine typhus, bartonellosis (cat scratch fever), and tapeworm.

  • Pets with a lot of bites can become anemic from blood loss.

The best way to eliminate an infestation is to treat your pets and home simultaneously. Your vet can suggest the best method for your pet, and professional pest control is the most effective way to eliminate them in the house and yard. Contact us at Squash A Bug to learn more about our flea control services.

Flea Prevention Goes Beyond Just Your Pets: Tips And Tricks

Placing your pets on year-round medication is an excellent start for flea prevention, but there is a lot you can do to reduce the chances of an infestation. Here are some effective tips for keeping fleas away:

  • Fleas prefer long grass, so make sure to keep the lawn well-groomed.

  • Promptly deal with any rodent infestations.

  • Install fencing around your property to keep wild animals out.

  • Clean and vacuum frequently to remove fleas that get inside and prevent them from laying eggs.

  • Regularly wash bedding and pet beds.

Squash A Bug is here to help you get rid of fleas in the house and yard and prevent them from returning. Contact us today to learn more about our flea and pest control services.

Professional Flea Control: A Smart And Effective Solution

The simplest and most effective way to eliminate these pests and keep them from returning is to work with a professional flea exterminator. Contact Squash A Bug to learn more about our flea control and prevention services in Southeast Florida or to request a free quote.

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